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For an event that leaves an indelible mark, Winslow stands as the dynamic, transformational speaker you’ve been searching for. With over 25 years of experience, her blend of business, marketing, personal development and creativity creates a uniquely vibrant experience for every workshop, training or keynote. Having worked with Madison Avenue giants and small business founders alike, Judy’s diverse background offers a fresh perspective beneficial to any organization. Her journey, from her days at Women’s Day Magazine to navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, brings a wealth of insights.

Judy’s contagious energy aims to motivate, activate creative muscles, while infusing more fun, productivity, and purpose into your business. Whether addressing top corporate companies or 6/7 figure CEOs, J. Winslow guarantees an event that sparks lasting impressions and fosters a renewed enthusiasm for success. Elevate your event with Judy Winslow’s infectious enthusiasm and game-changing insights.

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“Judy Winslow’s presentation was informative and inspirational for our group. She allowed us to interact with her and each other and enabled us not only to listen to her presentation but to be a part of the presentation. The feedback I received as one of the organizers was extremely positive as people not only commented on the content of the presentation, but on the enjoyment of being a part of it. If you’re looking for a speaker who is informative, dynamic and has the ability to involve her audience, I’d recommend Judy, as she would be an asset for information, motivation and inspiration for your group. We walked away inspired and informed to move forward.”

Lynda J., Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc.

Liz Nonnemacher, wickedlychic.com

‘It was great to receive your instruction today, thank you so much. I really enjoyed the way you delivered your content and how you make it so interactive. As I mentioned to you, your delivery is great, very well paced and clear. My experience was like that of a student instead of the teacher, which I usually am.
Bravo, I’m sure you’ll get lots of students because they will be very lucky to take this course from you.’
Tom L., Vice President of Training

Chuck Cook, renovodata.com

‘Your program was right on target with our goals for the year. Our goal was to give our members building blocks to change, shift and re-energize their businesses due to the current shifts in the economy. I personally think you helped them tap into those building blocks!

Linda S., event organizer, RE/MAX properties

Dr. Jessica Lipham, THRIVEsarasota.com


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