For many of us that have solo practices, or who may be leading a small business, there can be times when it is very difficult to be ‘on your own’. 

If you’re like most, you started this New Year with all sorts of great goals, ideas and plans only to be derailed by the every day demands of your work and home life. It can be somewhat staggering how much there is to be done in a single day, to find a way to do it all, and do it all well.

Even with all that sometimes we wonder: Now what?

Now here we are, at the end of Q1 and what have you accomplished? What you envisioned? Or something less than desired, more frustrating than expected…?

Now’s the time to notice and course correct.

I’ve seen countless businesses explode with growth and revenue when they take on this issue. 

None of us can do it all, do it well, and do it alone. 

We each have our strengths, which when emphasized can help your business grow, and can allow us to create in a much less effortful way. How then do we do this? 

We build a team, a team that has strengths we do not, who can focus and deliver in a way we simply can’t by ourselves. I call it our ‘Success Team’.

Now, your first response may be, ‘I can’t afford that!’, but really you can’t afford not to. ,

To begin you don’t have to hire someone full time to assist you, you can start with a Virtual Assistant. VA’s will do particular tasks so that you can concentrate on what you do best. 

What can you take off your plate that would free up valuable time on an ongoing basis?

For example, a realtor has many tasks that can be done by an assistant, but hiring one full time isn’t always an option at the beginning. A part time solution will enable you to service your clients, while ensuring the ‘back-end’ of the business is cared for. 

What about your marketing? There are VA’s that specialize in implementing your marketing, or maybe you’re a Coach, and want to get that administrative ‘stuff’ off your plate.

Think about this. 

You likely have an accountant, a lawyer, a dentist, even a bookkeeper. Now is the time to add to your support team so that you can do what you do best. 

What would best serve you? 

What task is not your favorite yet IS someone else’s specialty? 

Identify the task: organizing, administration, sales, marketing, p.r…. then decide how many hours it will take to do this task well, and now you can move forward to find the right fit for you. Check out VA’s or go to  for freelance help, or do some networking in your own community. 

Take the time to find the right fit. The assistance you need IS out there, and your business will grow and prosper as a result. Commit to it for six months and see the results. Grow your team and grow your business.

When we focus on the Right things the Right things happen and we can stop wondering what Now? Invest now, then see the ROI as you grow…

And for assistance creating Your map to success… Let’s chat!

To your Unforgettable Journey,



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J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. Learn more here