I love music… especially tunes that lift us up and make me feel good. Music can teach us too, when we truly listen.

Often I’ll use music to shift my mood, to keep my thoughts positive and to remind me of a world filled with love and joy.

So it’s no surprise I often listen to old Beatles music. The sound track of my childhood.

Think about how great bands are at marketing. Really great yes? They reflect our thoughts and dreams, and wow, this band could take the simplest notion and help imbed  in in our heads so we’d never forget.

There are so many valuable lessons that I thought I’d share a few so you too can do the same. 

See if you’re imbedding these into your content and if not begin to do so to elevate your messaging and stickiness with ease.

Here’s a few things the Beatles taught us:

1. Passion is critical… not only passion, but the ability to communicate your excitement to others. Which you can see in their faces when they sang (at least in the early years).

2. Keep it simple. I mean really, how simple was ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’? Your favorite group is likely doing the same. When you keep your message simple and your goal clear, it’s much easier to hit the mark, and be heard by your ideal audience. Hence the screaming fans.

3. Don’t be afraid to be different. The Beatles came to America with those ‘crazy’ hair cuts, and we fell in love. Different IS GOOD! Your brand depends on it.

4. There was strength in their team. Not forever, but that team dynamic fueled big hits, gave way to bold action, and allowed some really big dreams to be realized. Get a team like that in place, and you’re sure to move forward quickly.

5. Trust yourself. No one was doing music like they were, yet they stayed true to themselves, trusted that they were on track and that they’d find their place in the world, and man oh man they sure did.

Of course, there are many other lessons they taught us, and you can surely add to this list yet beginning to see your material in a new light is key here. 

These lessons may seem elementary yet there is gold there my friends. Ask yourself what do you REALLY want to achieve, and then make sure you’ve got a plan to get there.

We all have a soundtrack in our heads and so do our clients. Make yours one that reinforces what you want to create as we’re always programming our inner computers.

Nowadays I listen to lots of Karen Drucker music. She’s got a tune called: I Am So Blessed that is my go-to. Especially on the days I’m not sure that’s true (haha)…

Or when the world is crazy. (and it IS right now!)
And when I feel insecure.
Or unsure of what is happening ‘out there’.
Or when I’m worried for any reason.

We are responsible for our own mental state, so get yours on track today!

ps… would love to hear what you’re listening to, and we can create a positive playlist!

To your Unforgettable Journey,



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J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and corporations ready to leverage their own brand stories. Learn more here